Just Jestin'

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Freakin' Awesome Bird Project

It's ok, you're allowed to drool if you'd like but I suggest you sit back from your computer. With this post I must say there is a mixture of happiness, garnished with a bit of sadness. This project marks the end of the semester and though I'm glad to be done I must admit that I'm going to miss this class. The projects though usually focusing on mundane and boring topics, certainly led to some interesting projects. It's weird but I feel as if my work improved noticably over the semster, which I must say is always a victory. This final project is definately the grand slam I was looking for, though, like all projects I complete I can't help but see things that I could have changed or areas that could have been better. Oh well, thus is the nature of art I suppose. And now its forward to SUMMER VACATION!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

November November

Turkey, you political sage you! Yes that's right, the candidates are turkeys...are you really surprised? Staring down the barrel of media's number one candidate killer, the turkeys know that pointing fingers (or feathers as it may be) is usually the best way out of a dangerous situation.

As for the artistic aspect, I had some fun with watercolor and colored pencil. The composition shifted and the turkeys evolved nicely I think. Still, I cant help but think if the omition of the boom mikes I had originally intended to put in was for the best. Exectutive decision made, ONWARD!!!

Forks from France?... Wait...What?

This project started with an article about forks. It was about as exciting as it sounds. Still, I decided to illustrate what I believed to be the main theme of the article and that was the migration of fork usage across Europe. I decided to experiment with pastel since I've never used it. If this project has taught me anything it is that pastel does not like to stay still. It is the ADD child of the art supply family. Still, I had fun and the finished product, though maybe a little elementary in its interpretation of the complimentary color rule was not desipointing. Onward Illistration class of artistic solutions to boring topics, we shall avail!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Playing With Bookplates

Today my bookplate finally took shape. Its been a work in progress and continues to give me trouble but I've at least got something tangible now.